65W LED Ring Light With Tripod Stand & Carry Bag

  • Product Code: 65W LED Ring Light With Tripod Stand & Carry Bag

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Ringlight with Phone Holder,Carrying Bag, Soft Tube, Bluetooth for Camera, YouTube

  • Bi-Color Temperature and Brightness Adjustment - Ring light with multiple variants of lighting (ranging from 3200K to 5500K color temperature without change the color filter, 10%-100% brightness adjustable). Built-in LCD display, shows the situation of brightness, color temp, perfect for different variety of photography.
  • With Light Stand - Special LED SMD design and 480 pcs LED beads, perfect for many uses, portraits, products, pets and video. The ring light tripod, aluminum alloy construction for stabilizing the makeup ring light, height adjustable: min 33 inch to max 70 inch.
  • Remove Control and Phone Holder - Change the color temperature and brightness,adjustment is accessible from the included remote control. Especially the color temperature, it does not require change filters like some other ring lights,only press a button on the remote.The light ring includes various phone, camera, and device mounts that places it inside the ring.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Use and Carrying Bag - Easy to set-up and useful whether indoors or outdoors photography,
  • Product Photography - Lighting the product, vividly showing the details of the product and increasing the customer's buying interest.
  • Food Shooting - Light can make food look fresher, more shiny, and increase the appetite of the visitor
  • Make Up - Provide natural light indoors to make your makeup more docile and more realistic.
  • YouTube Live Streaming - Ideal for makeup, still lighting, product photography, table lamp, video lighting, etc. Make your eyes look more radiant.

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